Better Transit in Calgary – Customer Experience Table Feedback

Photo by participant @zoeywrites

TransitCamp YYC hosted the “Better Transit in Calgary” engagement event on April 14, 2012 with Portland transit expert Jarrett Walker.

At our Customer Experience Table we encouraged participants to share what they think Calgary Transit should:

  • Stop Doing – The things that produce a negative customer experience
  • Keep Doing – The things that produce a positive customer experience
  • Start Doing –The things that would make the customer experience even better

In general, the participants want more accessible and accurate schedule and route information. Check out the full results below. Thanks to Kevin Stefan for leading this activity and compiling the results.

Note: The +X numbers indicate how many “dots” were placed to support an idea. A few duplicate notes are listed together with a slash.

Stop Doing: The things that produce a negative customer experience

  • Confusing website to find a bus & time of bus   +11
  • Times not accurate: web vs. Teleride   +5
  • Buses that are chronically late   +3
  • We have spent the last 30 years not saving for downtown LRT   +2
  • Trains & buses that stop early on the weekends to NW   +1
  • Make better use of city’s disability access committee. Customer experts are there!   +1
  • Awkward-to-access, up-and-over style LRT stations (e.g. NE)   +1
  • Transit could consider increased hours after bars close
  • Tine spent waiting for transit
  • Better indication of service level on maps

Keep Doing: The things that produce a positive customer experience

  • Notification screen indicating times that train arrives / Service update signs @ LRT / GPS real time tracking    +14
  • Connectivity with Google maps   +8
  • Public art in stations   + 7
  • Twitter account   +6
  • Integrating bikes with transit   +5
  • BRT to airport   +4
  • Transit app   +3
  • Real people making announcements   +3
  • Smart card reader   +2
  • Upgrading old stations   +1
  • Better universal design for increased accessibility   +1
  • Good security on trains that deal with problem passengers   +1
  • Partnerships with businesses

Start Doing: The things that would make the customer experience even better

  • Bus stop signs on buses / Next stop indicator on buses / Buses should have a “next stop” electronic board   +9
  • Provide maps and bus times at stops; maps to show how to connect to other modes / Post bus schedules at bus stops   +9
  • Convert old convenience store spaces in LRT stations into something useful (bike parking, public space etc)   +6
  • Show that the last train of the night has already left   +6
  • Overnight transit / One hour or 30 min frequency late night routes in key NS and EW services  +6
  • Monthly passes should be more economically advantageous. If you miss 3 days in a month, it is cheaper to buy passes daily instead   +4
  • Fare zones   +4
  • Real time arrival signs at bus stops   +4
  • Give transit priorities in key restrictive areas of the city i.e. bridges   +4
  • Improve trip planning software and mobile app   +3
  • More bike parking at transit stations   +3
  • Bike racks on all buses   +3
  • Better way finding & maps that show frequency   +3
  • Make sure “real time service updates” signs are visible from the whole platform   +2
  • Standardize front of bus display, e.g. “route 305” replace with number and destination (see OC Transpo)   +2
  • Logos for stations i.e. Mexico City metro   +2
  • Street car on 17th Ave   +2
  • Animate Erlton station, at night I won’t exit there alone – too isolated from street.   +2
  • Instant accessible information about service and disruptions e.g. GPS bus locations avail on website  +1
  • Do a complete review of transit system as a whole to eliminate duplicated or inefficient services   +1
  • More interdisciplinary collaborations with urban planning developers, public businesses, government agencies   +1
  • Dedicated lanes for BRT   +1
  • Free   +1
  • SE LRT leg BRT get going!   +1
  • Notify LRT users of last 3 trains at night   +1
  • Not increase the base fare, but modify prices for shorter distances
  • No interchange @ 25 Ave!
  • Have a plan to eliminate high barrier access stations (i.e. +15 across road to center aligned stations)
  • Driverless cabs – update control system to allow higher frequency of trains
  • Work to give LRT on 7th Ave. corridor priority to increase attractiveness of system
  • Pre-paid fare cards that can be used across several transit modes – would work well with fare zones & bike share programs
  • Employer transit pass plan
  • Provide a way for public to pinpoint problems with system on website with a map
  • Simple core frequent network map
  • Conveniently placed info boards: current service, planned engineering works
  • Escalator sign: walk left, stand right
  • Planning for multiple LRT lines underground downtown

4 thoughts on “Better Transit in Calgary – Customer Experience Table Feedback

  1. Would love to see some kind of music on the train. Do a survey see what comes of it. Have the salaried employees do it since they are working anyway.

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  3. Why is “Real people making announcements” under “keep doing”? It seems to me they stopped doing this some time ago, except for rare cases when Transit security warns someone to stop clowning on the tracks over the PA.

    I could add under “Stop doing”:

    Sending drivers out on routes who have to ask regular passengers where to turn (has happened to me more than once on routes in the south), or who are otherwise insufficiently trained (apt to drive the bus like it’s a convertible with concomitant passenger near-whiplash; don’t know how to change the route sign on their bus — and yes, I have seen this).

    Failing to calibrate the level of service on routes to potential ridership (have seen service levels go down on routes in neighbourhoods where the population and level of potential ridership has gone in the opposite direction).

    And under “Start doing” or rather “Consider doing again”:

    Better planning in the event of emergency service shutdowns (have been caught in the midst of more than one of these in which Transit was visibly flying by the seat of their pants — this was not always the case).

    Have change machines at LRT stations (don’t know if these getting robbed all the time previously, or something, but where one is accepting change for fares it makes sense to have change machines).

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