Jarrett Walker – Human Transit

Human transit –  a new approach to transit planning & transit oriented design

7 pm  Thursday April 12, 2012 – free admission, no RSVP required

At the John Dutton Theatre at the W.R. Castell Central Library (616 Macleod Trail SE)

Jarrett Walker, a Portland based public transit expert, believes that transit can be simple, if we focus first on the underlying geometry that all transit technologies share. In this lecture he’ll detail how the fundamental geometry of transit shapes successful systems; and the local choices that lead to transit-friendly development.

Walker will address the key questions that should be addressed and debated within communities and by leaders and planners of transit in order to create systems that are both resilient and useful for the communities they serve.

Jarrett Walker bio

Jarrett Walker is an international consultant in public transit network design and policy, and has been a consulting transit planner for more than twenty years. He has overseen more than 20 major projects re-designing public transit systems in and played key roles in major interdisciplinary projects in cities such as San Antonio, Seattle and Minneapolis.

Mr. Walker is the author of Human Transit: How clearer thinking about public transit can enrich our communities and our lives and writes a leading transit blog: http://humantransit.org.

TransitCamp YYC

TransitCamp YYC  is a civic action group dedicated to executing citizen solutions for Calgary’s transit challenges. Check out our blog or join our mailing list at https://transitcamp.ca/

This event is made possible thanks to the generous support of: Calgary Transit, Institute of Transportation Engineers Southern Alberta Section, CivicCamp, The City of Calgary and Sustainable Alberta


6 thoughts on “Jarrett Walker – Human Transit

  1. So why are the tweets at 1800 for John Dutton Apr12? Is it the formally advertised 1900 the rule, or are the tweets trying to correct an error?

    • Hi Sam, no this is a lecture with no RSVP required. The event on Saturday is a workshop and panel. The Saturday event sold out about a month ago so I hope that you were able to register.

  2. Enjoyed the talk last night. Thanks!

    Who was the guy in the audience from Calgary Transit who asked a question right at the end? He claimed the city is well on its way to implementing your recommendations, but clearly we’re not. We still have 200 m stop spacing, one-way loops (#6 and #7 come to mind), and routes that sacrifice directness for coverage. Also our maps are still difficult to read because all the community shuttles and rush hour services are indistinguishable from the more useful routes.

    Was he referring to future plans? Or did he just want to appease the audience?

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